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Free MP4 Player 2.1

Plays MP4 files
Minimalist player for MP4 video files with a few basic controls. It doesn't support any other multimedia formats, but it's useful for videos downloaded from YouTube and other similar websites.

MP4 is one of the standard video formats in the Internet due to its high-compression rate and the lightness of its files, which makes them easy and fast to download. This little and free program allows you to play MP4 files on your desktop. This can be useful since other video players may lack MP4 capabilities and it is possible that you need to download additional codecs or other add-ins to make them MP4-compatible. The program is very simple and thus easy to use. It consists simply of a screen and a couple of menus. The first one lets you navigate through your system to find and open the MP4 file(s) you want to play. Also, this menu lets you close the program. The Player menu has the Full Screen option which, as its name implies, allows you to watch your MP4 videos in full screen. Finally, you can find the version number, the developer's name and the copyright's date by using the About menu. The program interface also has a button that activates the Full Screen function automatically, as well as a slide bar showing the video playing progress. It also has a graphic volume control. If you want an MP4 player with many functions, then you may get disappointed. But if what you need is a simple, easy-to-use program, then you may want to try this one.

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